International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015

Proceedings of the International Conference held in Shanghai, P.R. China
21 - 23 October 2015

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IBSCE 2015

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1. Biomass resources: assessment and production

1CP.1.1 Available Energy from Rice Straw Surplus in South and Southeast Asia SLIDE PDF
C. Jamieson

1CO.1.2 Agricultural Waste Biomass Energy Potential in Pakistan PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
M.A. Saeed, A. Irshad, H. Sattar, G.E. Andrews, H.N. Phylaktou, B.M. Gibbs pp. 1-13

1CO.1.3 Terminal Cost Analysis for Forest Fuel Supply in Finland PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
M. Virkkunen, J. Raitila pp. 14-20

1CO.1.6 Catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction Characteristics of Sewage Sludge under CO Atmosphere PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
F-Q. Liu, K. Ji, S. Huang, Y-Q. Wu, L. Nie, X-G. Qin pp. 21-28

2. Biomass technologies and applications I: biomass power and heat

2BP.1.2 Small Capacity Producer Gas Engine Adaption from Natural Gas for Decentralized Power Generation Application PAPER PDF
S. Dasappa, A.M. Shivapuji, A. Kumar pp. 29-40

2AO.1.2 2nd Generation Pure Plant Oils from Decentralized Oil Mills as Future Fuel for Flex Fuel Common Rail Engines in Rural Electrification and Agricultural Transport SLIDE PDF
G. Gruber

2AO.1.5 Small Scale Entrained-Flow Gasification of Biocoals Made by Hydrothermal Carbonization PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
L. Briesemeister, M. Kremling, M. Gaderer, S. Fendt, H. Spliethoff pp. 41-44

2AO.3.5 Applications of Aerosol Techniques in Biomass Gasification SLIDE PDF
L. Lin

2AV.1.14 Gas Engine Simulation and Performance Evaluation Tool-A GUI Package PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
A.M. Shivapuji, S. Dasappa, A. Kumar pp. 45-47

2AV.1.21 Creating Moisture Prediction Models For Seasoned Fuelwood POSTER PDF
J. Raitila, V-P. Heiskanen, M. Kolström, J. Routa

2AV.1.22 Influence of Torrefaction and Hydrothermal Carbonization on Fuel and Ash Properties PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
R. Marro, M. Gerstmaier, S. Fendt, M. Gaderer, H. Spliethoff pp. 48-54

2AV.1.26 Finding New Best Practices: Testing Ceramic Grease to Reduce Grease Consumption and Increase Efficiency in European and U.S. Pellet Mills PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
H. Steetz pp. 55-60

2AV.1.27 Experimental Study on High-temperature Cracking of Tar from Biomass Gasification PDF
G. Wang, J.-K. Liu, X.-W. Li, L. Zheng, M. Li, Y. Chen, F. Meng pp. 161-163

3. Biomass technologies and applications II: biogas and bio-natural gas (Biomethane)

3BP.2.2 Biorefinery of Seaweed with Marine Microbial Community SLIDE PDF
Y. Nakashimada, T. Aki, Y. Okamura, T. Tajima, Y. Matsumura

3BO.1.1 Employing Gamma-Valerolactone and dilute H2SO4 to Pretreat Wheat Straw and the Effect of Gamma-Valerolactone on Microbes SLIDE PDF
Y. Zeng, H. Jiang, Y. Liu, J. Li, H. Nie, H. Zhou

3BO.1.2 Production of Bio-Methane from Woody Biomass using the MILENA Gasification Technology PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
C.M. van der Meijden, B.J. Vreugdenhil, L.P.L.M. Rabou, G. Aranda Almansa pp. 61-67

3BO.1.4 A Novel Photobioreacror System for Hydrogen Sulphide Biogas Clean-Up PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
E. De Luca, F. Fiocchetti, S. Rosa, L. Lona, N. Corsaro, C. Felici pp. 68-70

3BO.1.5 Methanation of Biomass-based Syngas on Ni-Fe/TiO2-Al2O3 Catalysts under Atmospheric Pressure SLIDE PDF
C.B. Cheng

3BO.3.3 Evaluation of Biogas Productivity of Agricultural By-Productions Based on Diauxic Growth PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
M.J. Kim, S.H. Kim pp. 71-76

3BO.3.4 Fermentation Performance of Dry Corn Straw Silage in Different Kinds of Reactors SLIDE PDF
M. Qian, L. Yu, H. Jiang, H. Zhou, M. Nelles

3BO.3.6 Research and Application for Anaerobic Conversion Technology of Biomass SLIDE PDF
Y. Sun

3AV.2.7 Microbial Community Characteristics of High Solid Content Anaerobic Digester of Municipal Solid Waste PAPER PDF
M. Yu, D. Zhang, L. Shao, X. Dong, X. Wang pp. 77-85

4. Biomass technologies and applications III: biofuels and future transportation energy

4AO.2.1 An Estimation Model for the Evaluation of the Biomass Pretreatment Energy Requirement SLIDE PDF
O.A.T. Mafe, J. McKechnie

4AO.2.2 Rapid Delignification of Lignocellulosic Residues PAPER PDF
G. Weissbach, M. Nelles pp. 86-92

4AO.2.3 Ultrastructural Changes to Overcome the Biomass Recalcitrance with Liquild Hot Water Pretreatment PAPER PDF
Q. Yu, X. Zhuang, Z. Yuan pp. 93-97

4AO.2.4 Characterization of the Glycerol Organosolv Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
F.F. Sun, L. Wang, J. Ren, F. Du, J.G. Hu, Z. Zhang, S. Shen pp. 98-108

4AO.2.6 Wheat Straw Hydrolytic Pretreatment Using Maleic Acid to Enhance Ethanol Production from Sugars PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
D.K. Sidiras, D.V. Politi, G.N. Katsamas pp. 109-114

4AO.4.2 Conversion Routes to Cellulosic Alcohol - Proving Second Generation Processes in Practical Demonstration SLIDE PDF
M. Lehr

4BO.2.3 Kinetic Analysis on Pyrolysis of Corn Straw Fermentation Residue PAPER PDF
R. Ma, Z. Wang, W. Song, Z. Zhang pp. 115-117

4AV.3.12 Enzymatic Saccharification and Ethanol Fermentation of Hazelnut Shells with Low Temperature Alkali Pretreatment PAPER PDF
E.Z. Hoşgün, D. Berikten, B. Bozan, M. Kivaç pp. 118-120

4AV.3.13 Hydrothermal Pretreatment of Hazelnut Shells into Xylose and Furfural PAPER PDF
E. Tunç, E.Z. Hoşgün, B. Bozan pp. 121-124

4AV.3.14 High-Temperature Dilute-Acid Hydrolysis of Hazelnut Shells for Xylose and Furfural Production PAPER PDF
E.Z. Hoşgün, S. Ürey, B. Bozan pp. 125-128

4AV.3.27 Production of Isobutanol and 3-methyl-1-butanol by Engineered Escherichia.Coli POSTER PDF
X. Chen, J. Xu, Z. Yuan, S Xiao, Y. Zhang, C. Liang, M. He, Y. Guo

4AV.3.29 Preparation of Pd-In/C Bimetallic Catalysts Preparation and its Application on Catechol Phenols of Pyrolysis Bio-oil Hydrotreatment PAPER PDF POSTER PDF
Y. Fu, J. Chang, X. Zheng pp. 129-132

5. Biomass utilization: strategies and sustainability

5CP.2.1 Sustainability Assessment of Anaerobic Digestion of Marine Biomass and Food Waste Focusing on Nutrient Recovery Potential PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
K. Kuroda, N. Nakatani, K. Otsuka pp. 133-139

5CP.2.2 The Standardization, Production and Utilization of Biomethane in Europe and China - A Comprehensive Analysis PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
E. Billig, D. Thrän, P. Pu, C. Yu pp. 140-144

5BO.4.3 Development and Commercialization of Lignocellulose-Based Biorefinery Technology in Taiwan SLIDE PDF
C. Chen, W. Hwang

5BO.4.4 Aqueous Pretreatments as a Key Process to Enhance the Hydrolysability of Kenaf Core Fibre for Sugar Production PAPER PDF
Y.Y. Tye, C.P. Leh pp. 145-148

5BO.4.6 Potential Application of Digested Sludge-Degrading Microbes to Biogas Production SLIDE PDF
K. Fujii, H. Sato, K. Kuribayashi

5CO.2.3 What Development for Bioenergy in Asia: A Long-term Analysis of the Effects of Policy Instruments using TIAM-FR model PAPER PDF SLIDE PDF
S. Kang, S. Selosse, N. Maïzi pp. 149-153

5CO.2.4 Eco-Enterprises, Policies and Institutional Setup for RHEES - North East India PAPER PDF
P. Balachandra, S. Mahapatra, D.C. Baruah, H.N. Chanakya, S. Dasappa pp. 154-160

5BV.2.20 Nitrogen Enriched Bio-char modified by High Temperature CO2-Ammonia Treatment: Characterization and Adsorption of CO2 POSTER PDF
X. Zhang, Y. Xie, S. Zhang, H. Yang, Y. Chen, Y. Feng, X. Wang, H. Chen

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Additional Content

Opening part I

十三五”生物质能产业发展的主要任务 SLIDE PDF
Dongming Ren
Director, Center for Resource Solutions, National Development and Reform Commission, P.R. CHINA

Energy Challenges for Global Sustainability SLIDE PDF
Osman Benchikh
UNESCO, Chief of Section Innovation and Capacity Building in Science and Engineering, Coordinator and Focal Point for UN-Energy Natural Sciences Sector, UNESCO, FRANCE

Opening part II

Recent Developments on Biofuels in Korea SLIDE PDF
Jin-Suk Lee
Leader, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Bioenergy Center, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Overview of Bioenergy Situation in Thailand SLIDE PDF
Charin Techapun
Dean, Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Agro-Industry, THAILAND

Biomass as Emerging Industries - Malaysia Perspective SLIDE PDF
Michael Sew
Deputy Secretary General of the Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation (MBIC), MALAYSIA

Prizes and Awards

Awards for the best Visual Presentations SLIDE PDF
David Baxter
European Commission JRC, Technical Programme Co-Chairmen

IBSCE Student Awards SLIDE PDF
David Baxter
European Commission JRC, Technical Programme Co-Chairmen

Closing session

Conference Summary and a Brief Look Forward SLIDE PDF
David Baxter
European Commission JRC, Technical Programme Co-Chairmen

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