Instructions / Notes for Authors

Notes for Authors of  Oral and Visual Presentations

Please download here the detailed instructions for the preparation of your Oral or Visual Presentation to be presented on site at the Conference in Shanghai.

Important note:
The full paper is the most essential part of your contribution to the conference proceedings. We therefore highly suggest that you submit the full paper of your presentation along with your slides of presentation / poster file. These materials should be submitted by email.

Instructions for Preparation of Papers

The Instructions below (for download) include important information on how to prepare and submit your papers. Your paper must be written in English. The layout of your paper should be the same as the master document “Instructions for Preparation of Papers” below.

To write your paper, save the document with a new name (use your session code as the name for the document) and use it as a guide and template. Substitute the text with the text of your paper without changing the layout.

Do not change font type and size, line spacing, page margins and the structure of this document. Do not insert page numbers and page headers/footers.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us:

Ms. Anna Salimbeni
Tel. +39-055-500 22 80 ext. 218