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The EUBCE (European Biomass Conference and Exhibition) is pleased to introduce you its first event in China, the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition ad Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015


5 reasons to join the first IBSCE

  1. In the coming years, bioenergy technologies could transform rural development worldwide by helping to extend modern electricity and other energy services as fuel to deprived areas as well as to reduce carbon emissions and to lessen the impact of climate change.

  2. Biomass is a readily available source of fuel in Asia, in particular in China. However, currently only about five per cent of the total potential is being collected on a systematic basis. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Engineering have estimated that if all the available biomass feedstock in China were utilised, it would create the energy equivalent of 1.2 billion tons of coal, more than the entire country's total annual energy consumption.

  3. The IBSCE represents a global platform for the exchange of best practices as well as for scientific exchange in various areas of biomass research and development.

  4. Through the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference, experts and entrepreneurs from the entire world will have the opportunity to communicate and explore co-operations in China.

  5. The programme is divided into five topics, all necessary to understand how to face a complex array of policy, technical, institutional and financial challenges in the biomass field.


+200 contributions from 100+ organizations and 45 countries submitted for IBSCE 2015

All further countries include: Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Guinea Republic, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Korea, Malawi, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, Senegal, Singapore, Spain, Syria, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

The Call for Papers generated more than 200 contributions from 45 countries applying for presentation at the first IBSCE Conference in Shanghai, China, from 21 to 23 October 2015.

45% of the contributions have been submitted from China, followed by India, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan and UK. The number of organizations and countries represented by the call for papers demonstrates a wide International scope.

The number of received abstracts indicate a good balance of Topic 1 (Biomass Resources: Assessment and Production, 14%), Topic 2 (Biomass Power and Heat, 17%), Topic 3 (Biogas and Bio-Natural Gas, 21%) and Topic 5 (Biomass Utilization: strategies and sustainability, 13%) while Topic 4 (Biofuels and Future Transportation Energy) with 35% of abstracts represents the most preferred conference subject.

The abstracts are currently being reviewed and scored by an International Scientific Committee under the coordination and the guidance of Dr. David Baxter, European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport and Dr. Tianwei Tan, Ph. D., Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Outstanding Teacher, Professor and President of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

The Detailed Conference Programme will be published online at the end of July 2015.

If you are interested in submitting a late abstract, please contact papers@ibsce.com.


Conference Programme Outline now online!

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