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IBSCE 2015 2nd Generation Pure Plant Oils from Decentralized Oil Mills as Future Fuel for Flex Fuel Common Rail Engines in Rural Electrification and Agricultural Transport Abstract   SLIDE PDF
G. Gruber
IBSCE 2015 A Novel Photobioreacror System for Hydrogen Sulphide Biogas Clean-Up Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
E. De Luca, F. Fiocchetti, S. Rosa, L. Lona, N. Corsaro, C. Felici
IBSCE 2015 Agricultural Waste Biomass Energy Potential in Pakistan Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
M.A. Saeed, A. Irshad, H. Sattar, G.E. Andrews, H.N. Phylaktou, B.M. Gibbs
IBSCE 2015 An Estimation Model for the Evaluation of the Biomass Pretreatment Energy Requirement Abstract   SLIDE PDF
O.A.T. Mafe, J. McKechnie
IBSCE 2015 Applications of Aerosol Techniques in Biomass Gasification Abstract   SLIDE PDF
L. Lin
IBSCE 2015 Aqueous Pretreatments as a Key Process to Enhance the Hydrolysability of Kenaf Core Fibre for Sugar Production Abstract   PAPER PDF
Y.Y. Tye, C.P. Leh
IBSCE 2015 Available Energy from Rice Straw Surplus in South and Southeast Asia Abstract   SLIDE PDF
C. Jamieson
IBSCE 2015 Biorefinery of Seaweed with Marine Microbial Community Abstract   SLIDE PDF
Y. Nakashimada, T. Aki, Y. Okamura, T. Tajima, Y. Matsumura
IBSCE 2015 Catalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction Characteristics of Sewage Sludge under CO Atmosphere Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
F-Q. Liu, K. Ji, S. Huang, Y-Q. Wu, L. Nie, X-G. Qin
IBSCE 2015 Characterization of the Glycerol Organosolv Pretreatment of Sugarcane Bagasse Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
F.F. Sun, L. Wang, J. Ren, F. Du, J.G. Hu, Z. Zhang, S. Shen
IBSCE 2015 Conversion Routes to Cellulosic Alcohol - Proving Second Generation Processes in Practical Demonstration Abstract   SLIDE PDF
M. Lehr
IBSCE 2015 Creating Moisture Prediction Models For Seasoned Fuelwood Abstract   POSTER PDF
J. Raitila, V-P. Heiskanen, M. Kolström, J. Routa
IBSCE 2015 Development and Commercialization of Lignocellulose-Based Biorefinery Technology in Taiwan Abstract   SLIDE PDF
C. Chen, W. Hwang
IBSCE 2015 Eco-Enterprises, Policies and Institutional Setup for RHEES - North East India Abstract   PAPER PDF
P. Balachandra, S. Mahapatra, D.C. Baruah, H.N. Chanakya, S. Dasappa
IBSCE 2015 Employing Gamma-Valerolactone and dilute H2SO4 to Pretreat Wheat Straw and the Effect of Gamma-Valerolactone on Microbes Abstract   SLIDE PDF
Y. Zeng, H. Jiang, Y. Liu, J. Li, H. Nie, H. Zhou
IBSCE 2015 Enzymatic Saccharification and Ethanol Fermentation of Hazelnut Shells with Low Temperature Alkali Pretreatment Abstract   PAPER PDF
E.Z. Hoşgün, D. Berikten, B. Bozan, M. Kivaç
IBSCE 2015 Evaluation of Biogas Productivity of Agricultural By-Productions Based on Diauxic Growth Abstract   PAPER PDF   SLIDE PDF
M.J. Kim, S.H. Kim
IBSCE 2015 Experimental Study on High-temperature Cracking of Tar from Biomass Gasification Abstract   PDF
G. Wang, J.-K. Liu, X.-W. Li, L. Zheng, M. Li, Y. Chen, F. Meng
IBSCE 2015 Fermentation Performance of Dry Corn Straw Silage in Different Kinds of Reactors Abstract   SLIDE PDF
M. Qian, L. Yu, H. Jiang, H. Zhou, M. Nelles
IBSCE 2015 Finding New Best Practices: Testing Ceramic Grease to Reduce Grease Consumption and Increase Efficiency in European and U.S. Pellet Mills Abstract   PAPER PDF   POSTER PDF
H. Steetz
IBSCE 2015 Gas Engine Simulation and Performance Evaluation Tool-A GUI Package Abstract   PAPER PDF   POSTER PDF
A.M. Shivapuji, S. Dasappa, A. Kumar
IBSCE 2015 High-Temperature Dilute-Acid Hydrolysis of Hazelnut Shells for Xylose and Furfural Production Abstract   PAPER PDF
E.Z. Hoşgün, S. Ürey, B. Bozan
IBSCE 2015 Hydrothermal Pretreatment of Hazelnut Shells into Xylose and Furfural Abstract   PAPER PDF
E. Tunç, E.Z. Hoşgün, B. Bozan
IBSCE 2015 Influence of Torrefaction and Hydrothermal Carbonization on Fuel and Ash Properties Abstract   PAPER PDF   POSTER PDF
R. Marro, M. Gerstmaier, S. Fendt, M. Gaderer, H. Spliethoff
IBSCE 2015 Kinetic Analysis on Pyrolysis of Corn Straw Fermentation Residue Abstract   PAPER PDF
R. Ma, Z. Wang, W. Song, Z. Zhang
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