In 2017, IBSCE 2017 – 2nd International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition – returns to Shanghai, China on 19-21 April 2017.

IBSCE will attract professionals and exhibitors from all sectors of the Bioenergy, and will take place at the same time and in the same location as SNEC PV Power Expo 2017, the biggest international PV tradeshow with incomparable influence in China, in Asia and even in the world.

Dr. David Baxter
Former European Commission
Joint Research Centre
Conference Chairman

Dear Participant of the IBSCE 2017,

It is great pleasure to invite you to be part of the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition 2017. This is the second in a series of conferences designed to bring together from around the world scientists and industry implementing bioenergy technologies as part of the expansion of renewable fuels, energy and bioproducts. The conference programme has in part been based on the successful format used for the European Biomass Conference that takes places annually in Europe.

The conference programme will cover a range of topics:
Topic 1 – assessment and production of biomass resources;
Topic 2 – systems and technologies for biomass power and heat;
Topic 3 – processes and technologies for biogas and bio-natural gas (biomethane);
Topic 4 – processes and systems for biofuels and biomaterials;
Topic 5 – tools and initiatives for bioenergy.

This means the conference necessarily involves close interactions between the pure science, innovation and industrial exploitation of the results of research, with the overall target of achieving economic and environmental sustainability in the developing low-carbon economy.
There will be a focus on how scientific innovations can be efficiently exploited, what are the needs of the cutting edge industries leading the way with scaling up of technologies, in which ways different renewable sectors can integrate to provide optimum sustainable solutions for replacing fossil energy.

Please have a close look at the outline topics in the programme and see how you can best contribute to the closer interaction whether you are a researcher, an industry person or indeed a policy maker working with biomass.
We look forward to assembling an exciting and rewarding programme for Shanghai in April 2017.

David Baxter
Conference Chairman
United Kingdom and formerly of the European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Special Issue on Bioenergy and Biofuels in Asia and Europe

International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology

Find here the special issue including a number of scientific articles initially selected among more than 200 contributions during the IBSCE 2015 – Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015, held in Shanghai in October 2015.





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