Topic 1: Assessment and production of Biomass resources

– Assessment of biomass potential and land availability for biomass at regional and national levels;
– Production supply and logistics of biomass from agricultural activities;
– Biomass from energy crops and plantations (including algae);
– Potentials and production of municipal and industrial organic wastes;
– Bioremediation and reutilization potentials of contaminated land and water for biomass;
– Environmental and social impact of biomass supply;

Topic 2: Systems and technologies for biomass power and heat

– Biomass for power and heat generation in large scale applications;
– Small-scale biomass combustion power generation;
– Biomass gasification power generation and applications;
– Production and applications of biomass molding fuels (solid biofuels: pellets/briquettes);
– Emissions control in biomass heat and power facilities;
– Approaches and methods for efficiency improvements;
– Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions;

Topic 3: Processes and technologies for biogas and bio-natural gas (biomethane)

– Characterisation of biogas feedstocks;
– Biomass pretreatment methods and solutions;
– Household biogas production and effective utilization;
– Medium and large scale biogas engineering;
– High value utilization of the solid residue (digestate) from anaerobic processes;
– Emissions management at biogas installations;
– Biogas purification and enrichment;
– Bio-natural gas distribution and utilization;
– Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions;

Topic 4: Processes and systems for biofuels and biomaterials

– Production of liquid fuels from oil-based biomass (biodiesel, aviation biofuels, etc.);
– Production processes for advanced biofuels;
– Production processes for bioenergy carriers;
– Industrialization of non-grain fuel as methanol, ethanol and higher alcohols;
– New and emerging trends in methanol, ethanol and higher alcohol production from cellulosic biomass;
– Biofuels in future transportation systems;
– Integration with other energy sources and storage solutions;
– Production of biobased chemicals;

Topic 5: Tools and initiatives for bioenergy

– Bioenergy national policies and strategies for international cooperation;
– Bioenergy markets and strategies for international trade;
– Standardization as tool for trade;
– Financing sustainable bioenergy projects;
– International platforms and support activities to the energy stakeholders;
– Bioenergy and Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) and Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) solutions;