International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015

The International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015 is the new leading conference and exhibition in Asia, an invaluable and influential international platform to discuss the role of bioenergy in the Asian context. A knowledge exchange on the latest scientific and industry results, developments in policies, and deployment and business that will enable the move towards efficiency and sustainability in the bioenergy sector.
The main objective of the Conference will be to promote synergy among markets, technologies and investments. It will create a focal meeting point for industry executives, governmental policy makers, leading academics, investment agencies and media representatives, setting up strategic communication channels and important business opportunities for the bioenergy sector.

Conference Topics


Topic 1. Biomass resources: assessment and production


 – Assessment of biomass potential and land availability at regional and national levels;
 – Resources mapping in Asia;
 – Production supply and logistics of biomass from forestry and agricultural residues;
 – Biomass from energy crops and plantations (including algae);
 – Potentials and production of biomass wastes(Including MSW, Kitchen wastes;
 – Reclamation and reutilization potentials of heavy metal contaminated land



Topic 2. Biomass technologies and applications Ibiomass power and heat


 – Biomass for power and heat generation in large scale applications;
 – Small-scale biomass combustion power generation;
 – Biomass gasification power generation and applications;
 – Production and applications of biomass molding fuels (solid biofuels: pellets/briquettes)  
 – Integration of bioenergy with other renewable energy sources; 
 – Renewable energy villages and buildings; 
 – Bioenergy as backbone in rural electrification concepts.



Topic 3. Biomass technologies and applications IIbiogas and bio-natural gas (Biomethane)


 – Household biogas production and comprehensive utilization;
 – Medium and large scale biogas engineering;
 – Biogas purification, enrichment and utilization;
 – Anaerobic digestion treatment for kitchen wastes; 
 – High value utilization of the solid residue (digestate) from anaerobic process; 



Topic 4. Biomass technologies and applications IIIbiofuels and future transportation energy


 – Cleaner production of biodiesel;
 – Cellulosic ethanol technology and new trends;
 – Industrialization of non-grain fuel ethanol
 – Advanced biofuels by thermal and catalytic conversion technologies;
 – Biofuels in future transportation systems;



Topic 5. Biomass utilization: strategies and sustainability


 – Bioenergy national policies and strategies for international cooperation;
 – Bioenergy and biofuel markets and international trade;
 – Financing bioenergy projects;
 – Socio-economic assessment of biomass and bioenergy;
 – Standardization as tool for trade;
 – Environmental sustainability of biomass and bioenergy.