International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015


Dear Participant of the IBSCE 2015

It is great pleasure to welcome you along with my co-chairman Dr. Tianwei Tan as Co-Chairmen of the Technical Programme to the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015. This new conference is designed to bring together scientists, innovators and industrial people from around the world who are working together to implement bioenergy technologies. The conference programme is in part based on the successful format used for the European Biomass conference that takes places annually in Europe. It has of course been adapted somewhat to reflect the specific needs of Asia and China in particular.

The conference programme covers a range of topics:
Topic 1 – biomass resources, assessment and production;
Topic 2 – biomass power and heat; Topic 3 – biogas and bio-natural gas (biomethane);
Topic 4 – biofuels and future transportation energy;
Topic 5 – biomass utilisation strategies and sustainability. In this way the whole process chain is considered, from biomass production, through processing to energy and fuels, to products quality and performance and finally to sustainable biomass utilisation strategies.

This means the conference necessarily involves close interactions between fundamentals of the underpinning science, innovation at all levels and industrial exploitation of the results of research, with the overall target of achieving economic and environmental sustainability in developing low-carbon economies across the world.

From the papers presented for inclusion in the conference, we expect there will be a focus on exploitation of scientific innovations by technology developers and cutting edge industries leading the way with scaling up to commercial installations. We also expect to hear about the research priorities in the minds of scientists and industry and how both economic and environmental sustainability can be achieved.

We thank the presenters for their contribution to building a comprehensive programme of oral and poster presentations. The fact that participants from well over 30 countries have contributed to the programme will ensure a truly international flavour to the conference. Biomass already contributes a major proportion to the world’s renewable energy generation and will continue to do so for years to come. It is important that this major contribution is achieved in the most efficient manner both economically and environmentally and also with the most positive impact on society. It is our task collectively to work to ensure that these aims will be achieved.

David Baxter
Technical Programme Co-Chairman
European Commission
Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport