International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference 2015
ZhenhongDear delegates,It is a great pleasure to invite you to be part of the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference. As everyone knows, in order to replace fossil fuels and achieve  the sustainable development of human society, the application of bioenergy technologies has important practical and long-term impacts. Energy saving and energy security are becoming increasingly important, especially in China. In terms of the current concept of a sustainable society, with clean, low-carbon biomass energy, we will significantly reduce the pollution and eliminate CO2 emissions while ensuring simultaneously efficiency.China has rich biomass resources with great potentialities. There are 400 million tons of processing residues and 350 million tons of forestry surplus that can be used as an energy source – the total energy value of which is equal to around 430 million tons of coal per year. At the moment, the biomass industry in China has already begun to develop. Up to 2013, the biomass power generation capacity reached 8.5 million kilowatts and 37 billion kwh of the annual power output. In addition, we have 500,000 tons of biodiesel; biomass briquette utilization of 8 million tons, including biogas utilization of 160 m3. However, the current development of the biomass industry is facing several great difficulties including the collection of raw materials, the lack of modern technical equipment, and the low level of industrialization. The Chinese society’s understanding of biomass is incomplete – there is a long way to go to achieve our final energy-saving goals.

Biomass is an important renewable energy source with extensive resources, possible uses, energy products and obvious comprehensive benefits. It can produce electricity, liquid fuel, gas, heating and many other energy products. It also helps to create new local biomass industry, locally. Biomass is bound to play an increasingly powerful role in the air pollution issue and the urbanization process. With the regulating of the energy structure and economic development pattern, the reinforcing of environmental protection, as well as the acceleration of urbanization, there is the opportunity to accelerate the development of the Chinese biomass industry. By learning from developed countries and having national policy support, the biomass industry will be pushed into a period of rapid development.

Globally, the consumption of biomass is already more than both wind and solar energy. Especially in European countries, the development of biomass technologies, markets and industries is more advanced. We should study and learn from their experiences. Through the International Bioenergy (Shanghai) Exhibition and Asian Bioenergy Conference, experts and entrepreneurs from the entire world will have the opportunity to communicate and explore co-operations in China. I hope that we will use this opportunity to enhance understanding, share experiences and cooperate to lead to a win-win situation. Together, let us move bioenergy forward and strengthen it on a whole new level! I am hopeful that the conference will be a great success. Thank you!

Dr. Zhenhong Yuan

Conference General Co-Chairman


Biomass Energy Committee